Hi there, I’m Olivia! Most days, you can find me running, eating ice cream, snuggling with my pup, eating spoonfuls of peanut butter with chocolate chips, or having fun/meaningful/ridiculous conversations with friends.

I'm most excited about about family, photography, deep friendships, and good food. My perfect day would involve doing all of the things– running, swimming, hiking, adventuring– and then crashing on the couch at night with a cozy blanket and big bowl of ice cream loaded with mix-ins.

I’m passionate about people, and I love serving people by capturing the moments that are important to them. I use natural light and candid poses to create authentic photos that let personalities shine! I go into every session thrilled to meet my clients and to showcase their natural joy and beauty with my camera.

My goal is to be the type of photographer I'd like to hire myself, and I strive to do that by responding quickly to messages, providing style tips for photo sessions, giving clients the full rights to all of the digital images I deliver, highlighting their best features in my photos, and more.

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raleigh & CHAPEL HILL, north carolina 

"A day without laughter is a day wasted."