Want to hear something super 21st century? I met a new friend through Instagram, of all places. Libby’s also a Raleigh-based photographer and she started following my photography Instagram account and leaving sweet comments from time to time. I really liked her photos, so I reached out to Libby to see if she’d be interested in doing […]

Prutha, Jamie, Jill, Ami, & Payal became best friends during their time at UNC’s Eshelman School of Pharmacy, and I was so excited to take photos of them. They were constantly laughing, reminiscing, helping each other fix their hair and caps, and just having a blast throughout the session and they made my job so fun + easy! […]

Matt and I had a blast traipsing all over UNC’s campus the day after graduation for his senior photo shoot. It was practically a ghost town since almost everyone else had already left campus, so we had our pick of spots with no lines or crowds in sight! If you’ve ever walked by the Old […]

One of my recent senior sessions was with Natalie, Erin, and Noel. Natalie and Noel have been roommates since their first year at UNC, and Natalie and Erin are sisters who are just eighteen months apart, so they actually ended up graduating together in the same year! How fun, right? My older sister went to […]

Phew, these past couple of weeks have been packed with senior sessions! It’s been so much fun and with each one, I’ve found new spots to shoot (even within the typical set of places UNC seniors love to take photos) and I’ve gotten more comfortable with posing my awesome seniors. I’ve also been surprised by how many […]

Dana and Dani are two best friends who do everything together and oh my goodness, they are SO much fun. They kept each other (and me!) laughing throughout their entire senior session. Whenever I was taking individual pictures of one of them, the other one was behind me yelling encouragement like, “Work it! You’re gorgeous! You’re a […]






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