UNC’s Campus: Anne

The cutest Anne and I had a blast exploring UNC’s campus and hitting all of the hot photography spots from South Building to the steps of Wilson Library to the arboretum and of course, the Old Well. As we walked around and searched for the perfect spots, we bonded over our shared love of baking and blogging. Anne has a desserts blog where she shares her seriously impressive creations.

Our session started with one of those quick 20-minute afternoon thunderstorms, but Anne decided to go ahead with the shoot and I’m so glad she did! We camped out in a shaded area of the arboretum and started taking pictures, anyway, and then the clouds rolled right out a few minutes later.

My favorite part of Anne’s session was when I told her to walk up the steps of South Building, while looking back at me and smiling. In my mind, I meant pretend to walk but that’s definitely not what I actually said, so I almost caused Anne to fall flat on her face as she attempted to walk up the stairs while looking back over her shoulder. We got a few funny blooper pictures and definitely a good laugh out of it.

At the end of our hour-long session, I’d taken hundreds of photos. I narrowed it down to 70 edited images for Anne, and these are my favorite out of all of those. Isn’t she gorgeous?!

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